Welcome! Postpartum Doula/Newborn care in now available in the Reno/Sparks/Tahoe/Truckee areas.

Postpartum Doula – A supportive adviser and helper, professionally trained to provide postpartum support to the mother and her family. Extensively trained and experienced in optimal sleep habits for newborns, caring for infants, multiples, and promote best practices for the health and safety of newborns. 

Many studies have been done to show the benefits from having a postpartum doula assist you after the birth of your child. Here are a few benefits:

  • Provide night time care so you, baby and your family can sleep
  • Teach you and baby self soothing
  • Help baby/babies with sleep times and schedules
  • Help you feel confident as a new parent
  • Organize a feeding/sleeping schedule for baby/babies 
  • Decrease maternal frustration, exhaustion, and apprehension immediately after bringing baby home
  • Increased success with breastfeeding/bottle feeding
  • Earlier parent and infant bonding
  • Less anxiety for the entire family when partners return back to work
  • Decreased or shorter bouts of postpartum depression/anxiety
  • Greater understanding of newborn care and behaviors
  • Faster healing from birth
  • Increased feeling of empowerment and confidence when caring and making daily decisions with your baby’s care
  • Assist with all aspects of infant feeding
  • Assist with baby equipment ie. slings, baby wraps and pumps
  • Answer questions!
  • Emotional support
  • Wash and fold baby laundry
  • Give Mom and Partner alone time-
  • Provide area resources and/or referral

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